Have you watched the first episode of The Great Home Transformation? For Episode one we are in Eastbourne, helping to resolve the issues a lovely family have with their home. This show is all about highlighting how good design can help improve people’s lives every day and I think we certainly achieved that here.

Becca, Sam and the kids are lovely and their issues at home are so common for so many families. When I first met them I knew we needed to transform the spaces that would give the biggest changes to their lives and directly solve fundamental problems. 

I can’t believe we pulled this off in 3 days but this is why and how we did it…..

Problems: Living Room

  • They all congregate in the living room all the time because it’s the only space that is baby proofed so if the older boys want to spend time with Becca or Sam, they have to be in there too
  • They are a family of 6 and there’s not enough seating for everyone 
  • Living room is the only space Becca can entertain four kids 
  • Too much screen time in front of the TV

Solutions: Living Room

  • Increase the amount of seating so everyone can sit on the sofa
  • Hide the TV behind doors in joinery
  • Increase useable storage
  • Allow enough space for all kids to play on the floor
  • Introduce family’s personality through the decoration

Problems: Bonnie’s Bedroom

  • Mum, dad, Bonnie and the baby are all sleeping on two doubles beds in
  • the master bedroom leaving no space for anything else
  • No sense of calm due to the clutter in this room
  • The room has become a dumping ground

Solution: Bonnie’s Bedroom

  • Create a bedroom for Bonnie so that Mum and Dad can free up space in their room
  • Ensure the wardrobe is useable storage
  • Design a scheme to excite Bonnie about having her own room and that suits the rest of the household.

Problems: Conservatory

  • All Rocko’s meds are in a cabinet in the conservatory in the sun, but they need to be stored in the cool shade.
  • The boys ask if they can paint but more often Becca says no as there is no designated space
  • Becca would like to get back to her ART, she taught it previously, but it’s too messy with everyone around
  • The washing is endless and overwhelming for Becca who is constantly confronted by mountains of clothes

Solutions: Conservatory

  • Larger lockable cabinets and medical fridge for Rocko’s meds
  • Craft table on castors with integrated storage and stacking stools for artwork/craft
  • Utility area covered by doors to hide any mess. 
  • Cinema room created for the family and especially to entertain Rocko during his
  • Transfusion

I love that this show is all about my design ethos of Form follows Function and highlights the importance of making your home work for you.

Watch all episodes of The Great Home Transformation on Channel 4. Find out more here.

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