In Episode 5 of The Great Home Transformation my truck of wonder travelled North to Edinburgh to help couple Joe and Jade create a harmonious home for them and their beloved cat Jess. 

This one really was a lesson in small space living where getting the design and layout right is essential. All 3 rooms we made over had issues that were making them not fit for purpose. 

Living Room

The key issues in the living room were:

  • Cramped
  • Dark
  • Too much furniture and overly large furniture

We needed to lift the feeling in this space. The old dark grey colour scheme was making the space feel dark and oppressive so I opted for a beautiful, fresh and light palette of blue/green, pinks, and neutrals. We paired back the furniture in some areas and added in others where it was appropriate. Gone were the massive mid century sideboards in favour of smaller versions far more in keeping with the size of the room. This meant we could increase the size of the sofa and add a much longed for dining space. The IKEA Docksta dining table with IKEA Odger chairs is the perfect set for a small space and the statement ceiling light signals this is now a designated dining area. A feature wall covering of Arccos by Harlequin  perfectly sits with the mid century vibes in the room. Neutral Berber style rug and cream boucle armchair add texture and a calming note.


The key issues in the kitchen were:

  • Lacked storage
  • No where to sit and eat
  • Dark and dated
  • Only 1 person could be in the space at any one time

I was very excited to get my hands on this kitchen. It was small but it had the potential to be fabulous. Adding ceiling height cabinets, getting items behind doors and adding IKEA Sinarp darker base units to contrast the white walls and wall cabinets meant the space actually felt bigger. 

Copper accents on the tap, sink and accessories complimented the colour scheme and the geometric blue tiles were a nod to the couple’s love of mid-century. Gone were the cluttered surfaces as now everything had a home. The wall mounted foldaway table and stools provided a place to enjoy a glass of wine whilst someone else cooked but importantly the table could be tucked away and the stools hung on the wall when not in use. Open shelves in place of a wall of cabinets opened up the space and allowed for a display of cookbooks and trinkets. Jade loves to cook so ensuring the kitchen worked well was essential to the harmony of the home. 


The key issues in the studio were:

  • Shared space with no boundaries
  • Cluttered

This was by far the most difficult room to get right. We basically had to cut the room in half to suit both the needs of Jade and Joe both in function and aesthetic. 

Jade needed a calm, quiet, light and airy space to work whereas Joe liked darker colours and wanted to display his guitars and have a space to make music. This was tough and with only 3 days we managed to inject personality into both areas whilst addressing their needs for individuality. 

Jade now has an area to paint and storage for her art supplies and paintings whilst Joe can display his guitars and has ample space on his new desk to create music and work from home when necessary.

With good design and compromise we addressed the issues in each space, following the Form Follows Function principles throughout.

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