This year, the trend for sustainability in interior design continues to grow as we see the impact of the planet’s depleting resources. 

I’ve rounded up the key sustainable interior design trends for 2022 to inspire you to design more mindfully in your concepts and plans, and make positive social and environmental decisions.

Eco home improvements

Developers and designers will take sustainability more seriously as Boris Johnson announced EV charging points will be legally required in new-build homes from 2022. This will include new supermarkets, workplaces and buildings undergoing major renovations.

Electric car charging points will become more mainstream in homes as well as other eco-friendly measures such as solar panels which can add significant value to a property. 

Sustainable building materials and techniques will also gain in popularity. Think bamboo, recycled steel, precast concrete and reclaimed wood. Trends in green home design will continue to be driven by younger generations who get on the property ladder; and by the impact greens can have on our mood. It’s a win, win situation!

Smart home efficiency

The smart home technology trend will also be more widely adopted as people seek to reduce energy consumption in their homes. Smart tech will increasingly be embedded in the house, from refrigerators and ovens to toilets and showers. 

I am a big advocate of making the designs I create sustainable and as environmentally conscious as possible. Adding home automation systems into design concepts can be a great way of achieving this. 

Home automation technologies can control heat and electricity while modern design features, like smart sensors, can dim the lights when the TV is turned on. 

Smart lighting systems are a big trend this year. 2022 will not only see more innovations in energy efficiency, but devices that are inclusive of green energy. You can bring amazing lighting additions to your home, whilst being energy efficient.

Saving energy also saves money, an issue that will become more important as the cost of fossil fuels rises in the future, and we’ve all heard a lot about the increase in energy bills that are coming.

Upcycling and reclaiming

Upcycling the old into something new is becoming a desirable trend in the home, even in the luxury market. Repairing, recycling and reusing goes hand in hand with style, uniqueness and quality. Transforming textiles into wonderful objects can give a home a new vibrant energy and add more sophistication than ‘off the shelf’ synthetic materials. 

Vintage furnishings and hand crafted products add character, provenance and an element of storytelling to your home. Reclaimed materials such as wood, recycled glass and metal, vintage textiles and fabrics are set to become a big trend this year, and rightly so. Not only do they look amazing but they are fantastic ways to bring wellbeing into design concepts, as well as sustainability.

Join the revival of upcycling used furniture and accessories and why not learn a creative new skill in the process?

Minimalist living

As the pandemic gave us a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life, and a deeper respect for nature and the environment, in 2022 expect interiors to incorporate similar principles. 

Minimalist living is all about design that is rooted in a clear set of core values that respect the earth and a minimalist lifestyle approach. It’s all about cultivating a living space of wellness with no clutter and buying key pieces that can stand the test of time. You don’t have to compromise on comfort or character to embrace minimalism. Consider natural textures and materials. Indoor plants can be a simple design feature to make the home a peaceful oasis while also purifying the air.

More than ever before, sustainability is in. Get behind planet-first design and consider the best ways to live and design sustainably.

If you would like your space redesigned with sustainable principles in mind, contact me today.