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Bedroom Designs: Creating the perfect room to relax

Hello Design Lovers, I hope you are all well. Now I don’t know about you but as the dark nights draw in and the cold weather descends I like nothing more than sinking into a warm, luxurious bed. A bedroom should be a place of calm for restful peace and below I list some tips of how you can achieve that space using great design.

Because the bedroom is one of the simplest rooms in the house, it’s often overlooked. One of the first steps to a great bedroom design is having an efficient and well-designed floor plan that gives you everything you want — no matter how much space you start with.

Simple circulation. Try to keep your circulation on one side of the room. Hotels do a great job of this. There’s a reason 90 percent of hotels have the same floor plan: because it’s simple and it works. 

Focus on the view. A bedroom always feels nicer when the first thing you experience is a pleasant view out the window — as opposed to a view looking straight at the bed. If you’re designing a new bedroom or reworking an old one, try to come up with a layout that focuses on the vista

Consider the furniture layout. Your bedroom’s architecture should take your furniture into account. Bedroom floor plans usually have a bed wall — but what about dressers, bedside tables, TVs, chairs and a desk? Work with your designer to make sure there is enough space beside the bed for bedside tables and ample circulation so you can access three sides of the mattress.

Colour. You want your bedroom to exude comfort so go for a colour palette that you gravitate towards that gives you a sense of calm be that warmer or cooler shades.

Layered Bedding. Layering your bedding with throws, cushions and runners will instantly make your bed feel luxurious and styled. 

Lighting. Give yourself options with lighting and mix a pendant light on a dimmer with bedside lamps to create a softer ambience.

Drama. Add some drama with key pieces such as a statement headboard, artwork or a bespoke light fitting.

Texture. Work with a variety of textures through soft furnishings, flooring and wall coverings to add depth and interest.

Storage. Wardrobe space is essential. Plan this carefully with a designer to ensure you can store everything efficiently. Use trunks or bed boxes for additional storage

Flooring. Soft flooring is always nice to put your feet onto in the morning so invest in good quality carpet or rugs.

Seating. A seating area is great if you have space or perhaps just a bench at the base of the bed to perch on.

Finally, invest in a great mattress, the best you can afford…after all most importantly you need a great night’s sleep.

Here are some pics of my favourite bedrooms. Enjoy and sweet dreams xx