As the days get lighter and temperatures get warmer, breathe some fresh inspiration into your home with some of my favourite interior design trends for the coming season.

A booming trend this year has been wellbeing in design. Cultivating spaces that are dedicated to health and wellbeing has never been more important. 

As we enjoy spring and look to welcoming summer, let’s embrace new beginnings bringing more nature, colour and openness into our spaces to re-energise our post pandemic homes.

Focus on biophilic design

Now is the perfect time to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Biophilic design connects a home to nature by prioritising natural light, ventilation, plants and nature-inspired colours, textures and materials. 

Bring greenery into your home with a selection of plants and fresh, seasonal flowers to help boost your mood and wellbeing.

Using wood in your home brings subtle colour and warmth to your interiors, whilst creating a sustainable and biophilic paradise. The earthy tones and feel of wooden furniture pieces or structures can really transform the look and feel of a home. Organic textures bring more personality to interiors.

Cultivate open-plan spaces

The continuation of working from home means the need for well organised and streamlined home environments suitable for a range of activities will continue to influence interior design.

A well designed space that is open, airy and makes the most of natural light will make a great difference to your wellbeing. Combine the minimalism and functionality of Scandinavian design with warmth and calm energy of natural materials to create the perfect balance of nature and simplicity. 

Blend function and emotion with smart storage solutions as well as peaceful zones in the home for rest and relaxation.

Add a splash of colour

While the colours of nature such as shades of green and blue continue to be popular (check out the 2022 Design Trends blog for colour of year), bringing in bolder and brighter tones can bring fresh spring and summer energy into your interior decor. 

After the frustration of the last two years, accentuating your home with vibrant shades, whether on feature walls, artworks, cushions or throws, can create a more joyous and creative environment. 

Why not add touches of Pantone’s colour of the year Very Peri, blue hues with a violet-red undertone. Don’t underestimate the emotional impact of colour in your home.

Embrace the softness of interiors from Spring into Summer

Channelling the softer side of spring by incorporating florals, pastels, prints and curved edges in the home, can be continued into Summer. Incorporate floral prints with some fresh curtains, bed linen, lampshades and/or matching cushions. 

Sculptural and curved furnishings are a big trend this year. Sensual shapes feel warm and welcoming. This can be brought to life with mid century furniture, soft textiles and delicate glassware. Florals are also central for many textile collections, so options are plentiful.

Choose sustainability 

Lift your spirits and your interiors with sustainable options this summer. Start fresh and incorporate sustainability into your home this season with consciously designed pieces. 

Choose high-quality or upcycled furniture and accessories over plastic and throwaway products to make your room look unique and timeless.

You can find out more about my thoughts on Sustainability in Design via my blog here.

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