Do you feel that you have very little organisation at home or you have so much stuff that doesn’t have a home? Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of sorting it out and have a home that doesn’t reflect your personality? 

If this sounds like you then here are my top tips on how to inject personality into your space and become organised.

1. Too much clutter!

A place for everything and everything in its place! This may seem obvious but getting rid of items you no longer use is hugely cathartic and will help you create more harmony. Donate things to charity and if you have children try to go through their toys every few months to avoid them becoming huge piles of unused items.

2. Storage

I say it time and time again but invest in as much storage as you can, you may think you won’t fill it all but you will! However, look at what you want/need to store and ensure the storage is suitable. I always advocate drawers over cupboards as getting to things is easier and you are less likely to just pile stuff at the back. 

3. Create a feeling of space

If your home isn’t too large try these tips to make it feel bigger:

  • Use the walls for storage shelves, get furniture up off the floor
  • Try to buy furniture with legs so your eyeline extends under the piece 
  • Choose furniture that is the correct size for the space and allows for good flow around the room

4. Lighting is key

It is important to have a good mix of layered Task, Ambient and General lighting which all add to the feeling of a considered interior and creates a mood and feeling. 

You can find out about how to plan the lighting for you home via my blog here.

5. Dark colours and bold patterns

Don’t be afraid of dark colours and bold patterns. The trick is to get the ratios of these things correct. 

In the living room the walls and some of the furniture pieces are dark in colour but the large area rug is light and lifts the floor along with the saturated yellow armchair that punches vibrancy into the room. 

6. Form follows function

You must consider the function of each room and ensure that it is fit for purpose. 

Does the furniture work for you?

Is the layout correct?

Is the lighting and acoustics adequate?

Does the colour and décor make you feel comfortable? 

Emotionally how does the room make you feel? 

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