The new year is here and with two challenging years behind us, a more mindful approach to the design of our home environments will continue to take hold. In 2022, spaces will be all about enhancing wellbeing, feeling warm and comfortable, as well as being functional and making life easier.

Here are the top interior design trends for 2022 to get to know –

Colour of the Year

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, Many brands are moving away from all white minimalism in favour of warm and welcoming shades and textures that make a home feel cozy. 

For 2022, companies have selected hues that inject calm and confidence, as well as a touch of nature into our homes. Airy blues and earthy greens will dominate the 2022 landscape. Given the couple of years we’ve had, it’s no surprise that these soft and soothing colours are on trend!

Dulux announced its Colour of the Year as Bright Skies™, an airy, open light blue that captures optimism and hope for brighter days ahead, drawing inspiration from the sky.

Similarly, Pantone’s chosen colour of 2022 is a completely new shade, a ‘Happy Periwinkle Blue’ named Very Peri, a blue shade with violet red undertone. The tone welcomes hope and subtly introduces natural elements with reference to lavender.

Farrow and Ball are also spotlighting a more joyful palette. Babouche No.223 is a cheerful yellow, Breakfast Room Green No.81 is an organic green bringing nature into the home, Stone Blue No.86 is a lively blue with an indigo pigment, Incarnadine No.248 is a classic crimson and School House White No.291 is a soft off white. All beautiful shades that balance excitement and energy with a feeling of comfort and calm. 

The role in of nature in home design will take centre stage for Sherwin-Williams, who have announced that their colour of the year for 2022 is Evergreen Fog.

Wellbeing in design

Not only are colour selections nodding to wellness and the natural world, but trends in textures, materials, lighting and decor are also reflecting a strong desire to connect to nature. 

Biophilic interior design brings the outside in, mimicking the soothing and calming effects of the great outdoors. Biophilia is a term defined by Dr. Edward O. Wilson to describe the human draw towards nature, our affinity and love for it! Read my ‘Wellbeing in Interior Design’ blog to learn more about biophilia and wellbeing trends.

As the home evolves during the pandemic, the mental, physical and emotional benefits of design have become even more important. 2022 will see wellness and nature-inspired design embraced fully, using natural finishes (think stone, wood and wool), earthy tones, organic shapes, along with plenty of plants and soft lighting to harmonise with the environment.

Automation in design 

The Smart Home is another significant interior design trend for 2022. Since the pandemic began, home automation has gained in popularity as homeowners want spaces to work harder for them, serving multiple purposes, boosting productivity while also reducing stress.

From smart speakers, lighting and even fridges, to automatic temperature controls, intelligent security and home EV charging units, advances in technologies have turned the home into a highly functional and convenient space.

Smart interior design can also create new opportunities for experiential moments in the home. Smart home systems allow you to control every room in the house and create a unique ambience in each space with lighting, sound and entertainment all pre-programmable. Circadian lighting can be programmed to mimic sunsets and sunrises to encourage better sleep and aid relaxation.

Voice recognition technology is also on the rise, suggesting that touch switches and remote controls could become a thing of the past. Sensor-controlled taps and lights in kitchen and bathrooms are becoming more sought after and could help eliminate germs, marks and smears on surfaces.

Sustainability in design

In 2022 the trend for sustainability in our homes continues as climate change becomes ever more visible.

With increasing prioritisation of wellbeing and a deeper respect for nature, recyclable and sustainable materials are becoming more widely used. Repurposing the old into something new is becoming a desirable aesthetic choice in the home, with the added bonus of providing the much needed feel good factor. Even the likes of IKEA are upcycling materials into new soft furnishings. 

Vintage and antique decor and furnishings continue to be a popular design choice and make a home more sustainable as well as unique in character. Reclaimed materials such as wood, recycled glass and metal, vintage textiles and fabrics are set to become a big trend this year as consumers return to retro. 

The trend for nature-inspired textures means more ethically sourced materials are bringing nature inside and creating a beautiful, natural look in the home. Indoor plants will continue to be popular to purify the air and make the home a peaceful oasis.

As we spend more time at home, gardens and outside spaces have become valuable for socialising and self sufficiency. Many homeowners are experimenting by growing their own food (even in the smallest spaces). Indoor/outdoor living will continue to be a prominent design trend for 2022. Fancy a vertical garden or hydroponic farm in your home?

You can find out more about sustainability in design via my blog Sustainability in Design here.